The Theater program at NBU was founded in 1991 by Vazkresiya Viharova, Zarko Uzunov and Veselin Mezekliev who teach at the University until present. In December 1999 the Department of Theater and the Slug Theater became independent units within the university. Since February 2010 the Theater productions of the Department are performed at the new facility of the University, headed by its long-time chair Assoc. Prof. Vazkresiya Viharova.
Since September 2012 the Department has been headed by Associate Professor Snezhina Petrova

The Department is a member of IETM, EAST, ELIA and continues to expand its network of professional contacts internationally.

The Department of Theater provides solid modern education following theater knowledge traditions and methods while firmly based on the up-to-date teaching methods and practices in the field of arts.

The Mission of the Department is aimed at education promoting theater as an active part of the public system while striving to preserve cultural memory, strengthening its values and expanding its spiritual horizons by setting value milestones for people.

The Department of Theater is dedicated to preparing qualified specialists in the field of theater and drama based on both major European and universal human values and the priorities in the modern cultural development of the Bulgarian nation. In the new dynamic environment of institutional and aesthetic changes taking place in theater nationally and globally, the Department's strategy is to provide theater education which prepares students to work in the broad spectrum of contemporary performing arts. This type of education is focused on building the skills to seek and create the much-needed these days connection with various groups and new audiences in society.
Among the strategic priorities of the Department is to open theater and theater education to all spheres of public life and social groups and to strengthen its relationship with other arts,science, practice and experiments in this interdisciplinary field. Likewise, the Department strives to promote contemporary forms of research and encourage current debates on production on the independent theater stage, border drama forms and performance products in the wide spectrum of contemporary art.

Dynamic education forms
The Department of Theater provides opportunities for dynamic education that acquaints students with the immediate theatrical process on the Bulgarian stage by offering

  • permanent theater workshops and meetings with acclaimed professional performers and figures of theatre knowledge;
  • real performances at the University Theatre stage; participation in national and international projects, participation in festivals, stage performances, master classes, etc;
  • educational trips, which often include researchers from other departments of the university.

The faculty is comprised of recognized working professionals who are prominent figures with a proven contribution to the development of theatre. They have won numerous awards for their achievements as well as the recognition of prestigious national and international forums and institutions.

Amongst the significant projects of the Department of Theatre are the following:
Children's Summer Academy and Theater Classroom implemented through a Partnership Program with the Center for Alternative Education; programs representing international organizations such as UNESCO, UNIDO and UNICEF; The Bridge: Developing Theatre Arts project; a three-year international theater project "Tracing roads across" focusing on the artistic exchange and know-how presenting the overall activities of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Pontedera Italy; participation of Stage Design students and lecturers in the International festival "Process - space" in Balchik; participation in the Jean Louis Barrault Francophone Festival and others.

Career options
The graduates can find professional realization in: public and private theatres, television and film productions, film dubbing, radio productions, new media, etc. They are prepared for independent work not only in the repertory theatre system, but also in the dynamically changing new, mobile, flexible institutional structure. The training received in the programmes for the practices of post-dramatic theatre and for a wide range of activities related to theatre-creative work makes them competitive in the theatre market and in the arts market in general.

Acting Head of Department:
Assoc. Prof. Snezhina Petrova
Building 1, Room 513
tel. +359 /2/8110 513
е-mail: spetrova@nbu.bg

Hristijana Stoimenova
Building 1, Room 513
tel: +359 /2/8110 513, ext. 15131
e-mail: hstoimenova@nbu.bg